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If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is imperative that you speak with a truck accident attorney or personal injury attorney. At we have personal injury attorneys and truck accident attorneys that specialize in truck crashes.

A truck accident lawyer handles cases involving semi trucks and automobiles. Over recent years, both the government and trucking companies have pulled out all the stops to try and cut back on truck accidents. The government has enacted various laws to make trucking safer and to reduce the risk of accidents and the number of truck accident legal claims handled by truck accident lawyers. Trucking companies have increased safety procedures as well as training and awareness for their trucking staff.  Nonetheless, in the United States, there are now over two million more registered trucks than there were a decade ago and with more trucks on the road the more likely the risk of an truck accident.  Contact a truck accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer for further information.

Truck accidents are such a concern because drivers are tasked with making deliveries on tight deadlines. If you work in an office and you are at risk of missing a deadline you work faster. If you drive a truck and are in danger of missing a deadline, you drive faster and this all too often leads to an accident. Truck accidents have caused many injuries including back, neck, spinal cord and even brain injuries. And, of course, these accidents have been responsible for many deaths over the years; deaths of both the drivers and the people in other vehicles that may have been involved.  A truck accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer will help in your specific case.

It’s not just the tight delivery deadlines that can result in a truck accident. Many trucks carry large loads sometimes dangerous cargo, which can make controlling the truck more difficult, resulting in an accident. Truck drivers also tend to work very long hours, and the stress and driver fatigue often leads to accidents. In fact, statistics show that trucks are involved in 1 out of every 9 road traffic accidents. And in 94% of these accidents the occupants of the other vehicle are either injured or killed.

There are many reasons why a truck accident might occur. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • The driver is rushing to meet a tight delivery deadline.
  • The driver is tired due to driving for long periods.
  • The driver is stressed and tired, not paying enough attention to other driver and the road.
  • It is difficult to see blind spots from a large truck.
  • The driver does not leave enough space for his giant vehicle between other vehicles. 
  • Mechanical failure and defective components. 
  • Overloading of the truck.

These are just a handful of the more common reasons for a truck accident. Of course, a truck accident can be caused in the same way as many car accidents through reckless driving, speeding, and mechanical failures. Another hazard of truck accidents is the cargo. Even if the crash does not involve another vehicle, a chemical or toxic spill can endanger others’ lives. 

Who Can Sue

Anyone who is injured or has had a loved one killed in a truck accident can sue as long as some other person or entity is at fault for the accident. This may need to be proven with the help of a truck accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer.

Any person or entity who was at fault for causing the accident can be sued. This includes the driver and the trucking company, the owner of the trailer, the shipper, as well as any other driver, person or entity who in any way contributed to the accident.

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It is advisable to seek legal assistance by speaking to a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible in order to determine whether you have grounds to file a claim for compensation. An experienced personal injury lawyer or truck accident attorney will be able to determine the viability of your case, and can also discuss the various legal options available to you. He or she can then put together as solid a case as possible to ensure that you are compensated for any harm or injury caused as a result of a truck accident.

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